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Enter here!

  Enter OptimalAutobot HeadQuarters or face the overwhelming power of Ultra Magnus!  Besides, what else do you have to do?  This is one of the few pages on the web devoted to one of the best (and most beloved) animated films of all time...

Transformers: The Movie

  Actually, this site isn't really "devoted" to Transformers: The Movie.  I have other stuff in here too.  Really cool stuff.  Stuff that I alone probably find interesting.  Stuff like DVD reviews, NHL Breakout Vancouver (2000) stories, A Jet Li mini-filmography, and my personal favourite, the writing section, where I can vent my frustrations for the whole world to read.

  The site is best viewed at any resolution (as long as its not 800x600) and with Internet Explorer.  Its original form was first created in March 2000.  I apologize for the slowness of a few of the pages but have patience...it's worth it!

  Warning!   Due to the excessiveness of the pop-ups that appear on my page, I suggest downloading a pop-up stopper.  One is available here.  Thanks for your patronage!

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