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Bah weep graaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

     Hi there!  Welcome to my website.  What originally began as a simple HTML project for Information Technology 11 at Burnaby South in the winter/spring of 2000, has turned into a full, ever updating webpage full of fantastic features and cool stories.  Actually, the original idea for this page was the "Transformers: The Movie" section that is contained in the link below (now with a few new improvements of course).  After my project, I realized that I enjoyed HTMLing so much, I wanted to continue my webpage and make it into something that represents other things that I like (not just Transformers!!).  Everything you see here is a product of my creativity (with influences from a few other sites) and Notepad.  Updates are at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy!

*Special thanks to my buddy Vincent Louie for the OptimalAutobot and D5 logos*
*Props to John Wong for the cascading style sheets*

Here it is.  The original idea for this site.  The "meat" of the entire web page...

Yes, you click here

Some of you are probably wondering, who is OptimalAutobot? The answer is here

NHL Breakout's website

NHL Breakout 2000:

The Tale of the Twenty Something Year Old
Bastards.  Find out what happened to us at NHL
Breakout Vancouver
.  There's a team picture
inside.  You guys can see what I look like!

Learn about DVD

Here are my reviews for DVDs!  Keep in mind that I have a
limited budget so you won't see that many reviews of
popular movies.  Mostly just the DVDs I currently own.

The Jet Li Section is here and ready to kick butt

The writing section.  Here is where I write about anything I want.
You may see something great or something goofy... or nothing at all!

Nitpicks?  Whines?  Complains?  E-mail me with suggestions and constructive critism.
Remember to tell me of dead links, spelling errors, etc.  Compliments are welcome too.


6/11/04 - Some small adjustments and MP3s

--> I made some small adjustments to the DVD pages and made it so its easier to see what kind of features that each dvd has. I also added all the new DVDs that I bought (1), as well as the ones I got rid of.

--> I don't know how much of a difference this will make, but I've brought back the MP3s, as well as fix the links for the TF:TM promo clip and theatrical trailer. Enjoy!

5/11/04 - Fong Sai Yuk II

--> Well, its been a long term for me. School has been extremely tough. But its all over for now. I don't know why I decided to update this site. Probably because I had this review half finished for about 4 months... ha ha. Anyways, enjoy the review of Fong Sai Yuk II. Time to relax...

1/23/04 - Fong Sai Yuk

--> It's another late night, so as I did last time, I'll make this quick. I really wanted to do another DVD review this weekend but I need to catch up on homework. So, in a moment of confusion I decided to do a review early. Why didn't you just do your homework you ask? I don't know...

It wasn't the easiest one I've ever done (in terms of time), but here it is, Fong Sai Yuk is up for your viewing pleasure.

--> I decided to put the pop-up stopper on the first page so everyone can access it before even more pop-ups come out. So, until next week, remember to drink responsibly. heh heh..

1/20/04 - The Term of Doom

--> It's late so I'll make this quick... I added a new area to the Writing Section. As you can probably guess, its called The Term of Doom. It will be used to log all the crap and screwed up (or good) things that happen to me this term in what will most likely be "The Term of Doom". I added the first entry today. Click here to go there. This is most likely all for this week. Good night.

1/17/04 - A DVD review!

--> Hi folks! Well, after a 2 week hold out, I decided to do a DVD review this weekend. Its not one of those big releases... just one of those DVDs I've had for a long long time. Here it is, Army of Darkness: Official Bootleg Edition. I think from now on, if I can, I will try to do maybe one DVD review per week, and in the order I bought them in. So the next one coming up will be Fong Sai Yuk.

--> I've updated the Lethal Weapon 4 review with some new sound clips and also did some minor changes in the DVD Section that no one will notice.

--> I added the pop-up stopper link to the top of the page. Use it!! Have a great weekend!!

1/2/04 - Not significant

--> Well, I'm back with a quickie update, and unfortunately, not a very substantial one:

--> I've updated the DVD Section with a new DVD I got my brothers for Christmas

--> I've also added some DVDs into my DVD Profile that are my family's DVDs (as well as ones I want to disown). I guess that's not really part of this website but whatever... ha ha.

12/31/03 - It's been a while...

--> Wow... it's been so long since I last updated... Lots of new things have been improved slightly for you guys out there:

--> I had to reformat the pixel sizes of the tables that my website is contained in because it started doing funny things (like not fitting in a window) so any resolution that is above 800x600 is recommended, unless you like a lot of side-scrolling. I've also reformated the text-links a bit because the colors were doing funny things, but those of you who haven't been here a while won't even notice...

--> I've archived the updates from 2002. I just realized that this is (and will be) the only update I've done this year... dang.

--> I've created thumbnails for basically every single picture file in this website. Hopefully, it speeds up the downloading of pics a bit.

--> I've also noticed the killer amount of pop-ups on this webspace provider, so in response to this, I have a pop-up stopper that everyone can download here. I hope it helps, and I apologize for this need, but this is basically the only free webspace with enough space alottment to fit my oddly large page.

--> I've created a new Transformers related section: the Transformers: Generations book scans! (Hopefully I don't get in too much trouble for putting them up...) The pics are available for your viewing pleasure here.

--> One new DVD review to speak of: Lethal Weapon 4. Hopefully I can find time to put up that review for the Jet Li Section as well. Other then that, in terms of DVDs, I've decided to continue my DVD Profile. I also changed the name of 'The List' to "My DVD Blackbook". I was also able to sell some and buy a lot of new ones, so all lists have been updated.

--> I've updated the links pages. Sorry about the previous porno link... I remember my friend said he was doing porno sites or something, so I didn't even realize what had happened until recently. I got rid of some other links that weren't working either and added a few new ones.

--> Wow, that was a mouthful! I guess that's all there is for this year. Anyways, I actually found it fun to be working on my website again, but I realized how time consuming it was... hopefully I can still continue to keep OptimalAutobot HeadQuarters alive for long long time. For now, peace... and Happy New Year!!!

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